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Our fhs project graduation is only a success every year thanks to the volunteers and businesses that help us put on an unforgettable evening for our seniors. Without these key components we would not be able to do what we do! We are in search of two different types of volunteers. One being volunteers the evening of our event. we need help through all hours of the evening and can only do this with your help! we also need a fully staffed volunteer committee in order to put on a successful event. 

Below are descriptions of all the Project Graduation committee positions. Please consider sharing your talents on our Project Graduation Planning Committee.

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Oversees the entire event by scheduling and leading committee meetings, as needed; manages communications with venue site (Castine Center) manager, with FHS administration, with senior class moderators and with senior class officers; works with each Project Graduation officer and committee chairperson to keep the event organized and on-schedule; and is responsible for annual licensing matters related to insurance, Secretary of State, and any services used by PG. 



​Works alongside the Director in all matters related to the event.  Ideally, this person would fulfill the role of Director when the Director steps down. 



Handles all financial matters related to the event and committee, including income and expenses.  Manages the budget.  Keeps the checking account up-to-date.  Writes all checks for payments and reimbursements.  Files annual tax returns. 



Keep notes, then types, distributes and keeps record of all meeting minutes throughout the year.  


Is responsible for overall decorations at the venue site. This committee chairperson has creative license to define a theme and/or bring new ideas to the event.  This committee has a budget for procuring materials and thus the chairperson is encouraged to work throughout the school year to gather any new decorations.  The Decorations Chairperson is expected to work the entire set up day the day before graduation.



Is responsible for coordinating all aspects of entertainment the night of the event, including securing a DJ and photo booth, scheduling inflatables and managing the floorplan.  The existing floorplan is well defined but the Entertainment Chairperson has creative license to bring in new sources of entertainment that fit within the venue, budget and time constraints of the evening.  For organizational purposes, this committee chairperson is encouraged to work throughout the school year to secure new entertainment well in advance of the event, and is required to work both the set-up day the day before graduation as well as be present the entire night of Project Graduation itself. 



Is responsible for securing all donated food and drink items for the set-up day and the event itself.  This person contacts restaurants/vendors from an existing list of annual donors and coordinates pick-up or delivery of items.  This effort begins in March with follow-up occurring as needed leading up to the event.  The Food Court Chairperson is required to be present for at least the first shift the night of Project Graduation. 



The only anticipated fundraiser this year is the selling of car wash coupons.  This fundraiser will take place in early December.  The Fundraising Chair will coordinate advertising of the sale and will collect payment and handle distribution of coupons to those who purchase. The Fundraising Chairperson has liberty to create/coordinate any additional fundraisers, if desired.



Is responsible for soliciting, purchasing and organizing prizes for the graduates.  This work typically commences in January but the prudent Prizes Chairperson will look for prize deals throughout the year (ie. Black Friday deals!).  The Prize Chairperson is also responsible for the set up of the prize display area at the event itself.  The Prizes Chairperson must be available either the day before the event for set-up or at least 4 hours prior to the event to finalize the display area.  The Prizes Chairperson is required to be present throughout the entire night of Project Graduation to manage the awarding and distribution of prizes.



Is responsible for coordinating the volunteer security team and local law enforcement officers assigned to our event. The Security team’s role is to redirect any grads who may not be following the rules at the event.  The Security team works outside the venue starting one hour prior to the event as students gather and then moves inside once the lock-in takes effect.  The Security Chairperson is required to arrive one hour prior to the event beginning and is expected stay at least through the first shift of the night.



​​​​​Is responsible for managing all Project Grad Facebook postings and communications and has creative license to use other social media platforms deemed appropriate for our organization.  This position is active throughout the entire school year and all work can be done from home.


Is responsible for updating our PG sponsorship brochure, coordinating a mailer to an existing list of loyal sponsors, and following up with sponsors, as needed.  The Sponsorship Chair may also reach out to any additional potential sponsors.  The bulk of this committee’s work takes place between January and April. 


Is responsible for coordinating the promotion and sale of tickets to the event and making bank deposits of money collected.  The Ticket Sales Chairperson needs to be available periodically throughout the school day to sell tickets during lunches or at senior-specific meetings. Ticket sales commence in January and are sold up through the day of the event. The Ticket Sales Chairperson will work in conjunction with Welcome Check-in at the event and thus is required to volunteer at least for the first shift the night of the event as tickets are sold at the door.



Is responsible for organizing volunteers the night of the event by collecting forms, filling names into the various volunteer positions, and confirming participation as the event gets closer.  The majority of the Volunteers Chairperson’s work can be done via email and commences approximately mid-March (typically after the Mardi Gras break).  The Volunteers Chairperson is required to be present for the first shift and at the transition to the second shift the night of the event​.


Is responsible for updating information on the website as needed.  Familiarity with the website builder platform WIX is helpful. Work on the website is done periodically throughout the year but is not a significant time commitment.  


Is responsible for organizing the check-in process the night of the event.  This position requires contacting the school system IT department in March to secure and create ID badges. This person also organizes the Welcome Check-In bags given to each graduate attendee. The Welcome Check-In Chairperson is required to be present during the set-up day to prepare the check-in area and is also asked to volunteer the entire night of the event itself.



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