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Grey Brick Wall
Grey Brick Wall

We are excited you have come to learn more about joining use for fhs project graduation class of 2024!


We have rented a brand new jump facility for the first time this year! Our committee is excited to host this for our seniors and need your help! Due to the new venue, we will be accepting volunteers 21+ who are friends and family members of our 2024 class. With this new venue, we will need flexible volunteers to help us navigate entertainment, security, prizes and all that project graduation entails. 

By clicking the volunteer button above, you will be directed to a form to send us your information and availability. We will be at our event from 8pm to 6am. This includes setup, senior time, and cleanup/closing. 

To make it more convenient (and allow those who want to help the opportunity to attend), we have set up hours and options for you to select. if for some reason you have only specific hours to volunteer, please specify them in the memo section of your form. if you are available all night or as needed please also specify. 

again, due to this new location, we will be learning as we go so hours may vary, but you will be notified as soon as possible.

We will be receiving our final confirmation and space layout soon. you will then receive and email asking of your preferences on assistance. We will do our best to accommodate them

Your support during this event and the hours entailed are a critical part of creating a memorable and safe celebration our seniors will cherish for a lifetime!


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