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Why should I go to Project Graduation?

Have you ever been on a cruise?  Project Graduation is like a 6 hour cruise!  The evening is full of non-stop entertainment, food and prize-giveaways.  You’ll have a blast celebrating as a class one final time.  And EVERY attendee walks away with at least one prize that has a retail value of $50 or more.  Why would you want to miss out on the fun?


When do I buy my ticket to Project Graduation?

Tickets go on sale in January. Tickets can be purchased with cash, check or Venmo. Click on the "Buy 2023 Ticket" button above to purchase.


How do I get my ticket for Project Graduation?

We do not issue a “ticket” for Project Graduation.  Your admission "ticket" that night is the Project Graduation t-shirt.  We will distribute the t-shirt during one of the practices the week of graduation.  You must wear your t-shirt the night of PG to get into the party. 


What do I bring to Project Graduation?

Graduates need one form of ID, such as a driver’s license, in order to get into the party.  When you arrive, all keys, cell phones, jewelry, etc. that are in your possession will be stored in a secured check-in location.  You should leave non-essential items at home.  Be sure to wear for PG t-shirt!!



To purchase a Project Graduation ticket with cash, check or Venmo,

click the "Buy 2023 Ticket" button above!

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