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Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! Only 5 Meetings Left! 

Agenda for Project Graduation Meetings:

Meeting Location: The meetings will be held in the school library.

  • August 24th at 6:30PM

    • Welcome and Introduction

    • Review of Project Graduation Goals and Objectives

    • Discussion of Budget and Fundraising Activities

    • Assigning Committees and Responsibilities

    • Setting Meeting Schedule for Upcoming Months

    • Any Other Relevant Business

  • September 26th at 6:30PM

    • Progress Report on Fundraising Activities

    • Committee Updates and Status Reports

    • Brainstorming Session for Event Ideas and Themes

    • Discussion on Venue any Updates

    • Review of Vendor Options (Entertainment, Party Rooms, etc.)

    • Task Assignments for the Upcoming Month

  • October 24th at 6:30PM

    • Fundraising Update and Evaluation of Efforts

    • Finalizing Event Theme and Activities

    • Entertainment Decisions

    • Safety and Security Planning

    • Update on Sponsorship Opportunities

    • Planning for Ticket Sales and Marketing Strategies

  • November - No Meeting (Focus on Individual Tasks and Committees)

  • December - No Meeting (Holiday Break)

  • January 30th at 6:30PM

    • Review of Progress and Accomplishments Thus Far

    • Ticket Sales and Marketing Update

    • Finalizing Event Logistics and Timeline

    • Volunteer Recruitment and Training

    • Graduation Night Program Development

    • Discussion of Graduation Night Prizes and Giveaways

Mardi Gras Break Feb. 12th-16th

  • February 27th at 6:30PM

    • Event Logistics Finalization and Run-through

    • Safety and Emergency Response Plan Review

    • Evaluation of Sponsorship and Donations

    • Volunteer Coordination and Reminders

    • Ticket Sales and Attendance Tracking

    • Any Last-Minute Adjustments and Decisions

  • March 26th at 6:30PM

    • Full Event Workflow

    • Coordination with School Staff and Administration

    • Graduation Night Program Printing and Distribution

    • Review of Graduation Night Rules and Guidelines

    • Volunteer Final Instructions and Reminders

    • Any Outstanding Issues or Concerns Addressed

Easter Break April 1st-5th

  • April 23rd at 6:30PM

    • Final Preparations and Double-Checking

    • Assigning Roles for the Graduation Night

    • Final Volunteer Briefing and Instructions

    • Ticket Sales Deadline and Final Numbers

    • Final Meeting with Vendors and Service Providers

    • Finalize Event Schedule and Program

  • May - To Be Determined (TBD)

    • The May meeting will be dedicated to evaluating the success of the project, gathering feedback, and discussing any future plans or initiatives.


Please feel free to join us at any meeting! The more volunteers we get the better night we can make for our graduates!

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