Countdown to Graduation

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This 2022-23 school year marks the 28th anniversary of celebrating Project Graduation at Fontainebleau High School.  Project Graduation, modeled after a program started by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, was created to combat the alarmingly high number of fatalities occurring in the U.S. the night of high school graduations due to substance abuse-related accidents.  We’ll never know how many FHS lives this long-standing tradition has saved, but we DO KNOW that thousands of FHS graduates have participated in this “celebration they lived to remember”.


Project Graduation is an all-night lock-in event that takes place the night of graduation.  Its sole purpose is to keep our graduates safe and off the roads by providing a night of jam-packed entertainment and fun, with lots of prize giveaways thrown in!!  


Project Graduation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is independent of FHS and is run 100% by volunteers. Join us in continuing the tradition by participating with our Planning Committee and/or volunteering the weekend of graduation!